Invest in Health is LIVE!

Invest in Health is LIVE!

As with all new ventures, lots are to be learned! Our first Kirkman order is in South Africa, but unfortunately had the bad luck to be called for a “spot check”. According to our knowledge there is currently a huge backlog at SA customs and this package has been held back now for more than a month already.

We are still eagerly (and not so patiently) awaiting this start-up stock from Kirkman, but have in the meantime placed more orders from Kirkman, which have thankfully already been well received. We have therefore decided without further adieu to go live with our website!

We have not removed any of the products from the website that are stuck at customs. There are unfortunately now lots of products indicating that they are “out of stock”. We hope to receive this outstanding parcel ASAP and will then update these stock levels. In the meantime, please use the “Add to waiting list” built-in functionality, should you wish to automatically be informed once stock levels are updated.

PLEASE NOTE: If there is anything specific that you are looking for, even if from a different supplier, but we are not stocking it yet, please be so kind to inform us on

Also have a look at the following two websites which are our main international suppliers:


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