Xgel Finger Brush

Xgel Finger Brush


A soft and gentle silicon brush to effectively apply Xgel solution to the gums and teeth of infants.

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Xgel silicone finger brush is ideal for applying Xgel solution to the gums and teeth. This brush is very soft and can be inserted into the baby’s mouth without them having to be able to open their mouth. You are able to feel your way around their mouth. Its soft texture allows for gentle messaging and brushing while effectively distributing xylitol solution around the mouth.

An Xgel finger brush replaces the sponges as soon as possible, usually when teeth start to appear. Xgel is applied to the soft silicone  bristles and, with a circular motion, rubbed over the gums, any teeth, inside cheeks and tongue. No rinsing afterwards; the Xgel is left in the mouth to act on the mouth bacteria


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