ROSITA EVCLO (Cod liver oil) Softgel (90’s)

ROSITA EVCLO (Cod liver oil) Softgel (90’s)


Wild, Fresh & Raw

  • From wild cod.
  • Contains rare nutrients and lipids.
  • Extracted using ancient principles.
  • No heat, chemicals or mechanical pressure used in the extraction process.

Please note that this product is produced in small batches and may be out of stock for short periods.

The CLO soft gels does not need to be refrigerated.

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Rosita Real Foods is a trusted source of wild caught, raw fish liver oils, rendered from sustainably harvested fish living in the crystal clear waters of the remote Norwegian Fjords.

No chemicals, solvents or mechanical devices are ever used during extraction or production. The oil is completely unrefined and produced under the total absence of heat, an invaluable process that protects its incredible nutritional value.

Our cod liver oil is free from synthetic nutrients and contains all of the potent, naturally occurring biologically active nutrients which make it effective, and in the exact form present in a living codfish liver. For example, vitamin A is predominately in the retinol form and vitamin D is predominately in the cholecalciferol (D3) form.

Rosita Real Foods™ cod liver oil contains a complete range of raw omega fats including omega 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 fats. It is particularly rich in the long-chain omega-3s (EPA and DHA) which are also known as essential fats because the body cannot make them from scratch, it makes these fatty acids from omega-3 linolenic acid which must come from food / diet.

The quality of vitamins in Rosita Cod Liver Oil can promote certain health benefits, such as:
– Enhanced Immunity
– Brain & Nervous System Function
– Regulate Inflammation, Blood Pressure & Blood Clotting
– Regulate Hormones
– Modify Gene Expression
– Maintaining Bone Health
– Improve Sleep Quality
– Rheumatism, Aching Joints & Muscles
– Improve Mental Health & Performance
– Reducing High Cholesterol

As a truly wild & raw food, artisan-produced cod liver oil is not a standardised product and may vary in shade and taste. We therefore cannot guarantee that every bottle you buy from us will be the same as the last, but it will still be abundant in health promoting properties and we can guarantee that it will always be of an exceptional quality.

The vitamin potency and unsaturated condition of raw cod-liver oil differs from season to season, and is also dependent on the age of a fish and character of food available. Our aim is to provide the same high-quality fats that our ancestors consumed without trying to increase levels of nutrients. We make no attempt to alter the nutritional composition in any way. Nature dictates the nutrient levels and that is how it should be.

Providing you with wild-caught, unprocessed, raw & sustainable fish liver oils fresh from the crystal clear waters of Norway.

Our ethos is to work with nature to supply the highest quality health-giving oils available.

Rosita products are sustainably sourced from wild fish stocks in the pristine waters of Norway. Our flagship product, Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is a “living oil” derived from wild and abundant Norwegian codfish.

EVCLO is extracted from cod livers using traditional methods which do not require any heat or mechanical devices, so the delicate fatty acids found in this nutrient-dense fish oil are retained. We focus on delivering pure and undisturbed whole foods giving you the maximum health benefits provided by nature.

All of our products are independently tested for purity and nutrient levels. These are natural variations in the level of nutrients and we maintain full transparency across all testing of our products.

Our fish oils are thoroughly tested by leading universities and government-linked institutes, so you can have peace of mind that your cod liver oil is truly pure.

Our cod liver oil contains all the nutrients that are naturally present in the liver of a living codfish – nothing more and nothing less. We make no attempt to alter the nutritional composition in any way. Nature dictates the nutrient levels and that is how it should be.

We’re honoured to provide you with true ancient fish liver oil in today’s modern world, and one that our Norse ancestors would have been proud to consume!


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