GAIA Hand & Body liquid soap (250ml)

GAIA Hand & Body liquid soap (250ml)


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Shake well. Apply to wet skin (avoid eyes), sparingly to avoid stripping the natural protective sebum barrier (in which case apply an appropriate compensating moisturiser). Also serves very well as a single traveling multipurpose cleanser, especially suitable for hiking and the like, doubling as a soap, shampoo, albeit not necessarily the most suitable for continuous use for each of these individual purposes. For the face, for long-term regular use, we suggest a choice of item No’s. 1-3 and for hair, Bio-Shampoo (No.29).

Coconut oil cleanser;  purified rainwater; green tea extract; expressed oil of lemon thymol and essential oils of cajaput, tea tree, honeysuckle & tulip (may contain traces of other oils).

Paraben Free
Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed
Vegan and Vegetarian compliant


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