APIS Raw comb honey (500g)

APIS Raw comb honey (500g)


– sweet to the soul, and health to the bones –
Proverbs 16:24

Support your local beekeepers and buy only raw honey, unheated, unfiltered and unradurized. Contains all the natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins nature intended.

What makes this product unique, is that it has a piece of the beautiful comb in the jar. This is as natural as it gets, 100% raw and amazing! The comb itself is also edible and has many health benefits. Grab your novelty product now. This item will not always be available as the whole comb is only removed under special circumstances.

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Apis is the genus name for honey bees, and in this case, Apis Mellifera Scutellata (African Honey Bee) thus we felt it appropriate to call our brand  Apis Raw Honey”.

At Apis Honey we only bottle and distribute the highest quality raw honey, unfiltered, unheated and unradurised in order to offer our client the purest,  unadulterated honey available – straight from the comb – as nature intended, and from there our tagline “sweat to the soul and health to the bones”.

Soon we will also supply honey infusions such as raw honey with turmeric and raw honey with organic cinnamon for its medicinal value and in the not too distant future also other hive-related beauty products.

Some of the benefits of raw honey:

  1. Healthy weight management
  2. Counters pollen allergies
  3. Natural energy source
  4. Antioxidant powerhouse
  5. Sleep promoter
  6. Wound and ulcer healer
  7. Diabetes aid
  8. Natural cough syrup


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