Natural remedy for mastitis

Natural remedy for mastitis

Breastfeeding can be a challenging journey for some. Once you have overcome all of the many hurdles that there could possibly be, it genuinely is one of the most amazing and most rewarding journeys in motherhood! One of the many hurdles new mothers face or fear is mastitis.  So when mastitis rears its ugly head, one should be ready for it. One of the many hurdles new mothers face or fear is mastitis.

Mastitis is a condition that occurs quite frequently and need not be feared as it is usually relatively easy to heal without antibiotics or medical intervention. Mastitis mostly occurs due to not enough milk being removed from the breast. There are many reasons why this would happen from baby not latching correctly or favouring one of the breasts, etc. A visit to a chiropractor specialising in babies is usually extremely helpful. The help of a educated lactation consultant can also be sourced.

A cracked nipple or nipple piercing can also cause an infection as both these occurrences can allow bacteria into the milk ducts. When milk is not being removed frequently, milk ducts can become clogged and cause inflammation of the breast tissue. Breasts may feel warm and tender, swollen and red. The mom may also start to feel typical flu symptoms including body aches and chills. As soon as any of these symptoms occur, diligent measures should be taken to avoid the condition eradicating and ensuring a trip to the doctor.

The following is a natural approach that has proven to be very successful in treating early mastitis symptoms and hopefully helping the mother to heal before medical intervention is required:

  1. Ferrum phos (tissue salt nr 4)
  2. Sillicea (tissue salt nr 12)
  3. Arnica D6
  4. Organo 1 drops (Natura)
  5. Arnica gel
  • Suck 1 tablet every 30 minutes
  • Take 10 drops Organo every 30 minutes
  • Use heat on the affected area
  • Use arnica gel to gently massage the breast
  • Try to remove as much milk possible from the breast, either by letting baby drink very frequently and/or hand or pump expressing.
  • Expressing by hand while in the bath or shower can also be helpful.

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